Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Lion's Share - Jon Lock's Afterlife Inc. Volume 3 Lifeblood Kickstarter

We all know UK comics are having a tougher time than their US compatriots, with The Dandy folding this year and new anthology titles like The Strip Magazine struggling to find a wider audience.

In such times, it is great to see home grown local talent going from strength to strength such as Cheltonian writer Jon Lock's webcomic, Afterlife Inc.

Still on sale in Proud Lion!

Jon released his first graphic novel anthology last year and is poised to launch the second volume at the upcoming Though Bubble convention. Regular readers will remember we spoke to Jon back in October 2011...

Ben Fardon: Jon, your webcomic Afterlife Inc. is a wonderful mix of fantasy, action, humour, corporate intrigue and mythology. What can new readers expect from the chapters of Dying To Tell?

Jon Lock: When corporate con-artist Jack Fortune’s life comes to an abrupt and brutal end, he finds himself in the Empyrean, a bizarre afterlife that has recently been struck by a mysterious Calamity. Never one to miss a business opportunity, Jack reinvents the afterlife as a modern day corporation, stealing fire from the gods to sell back at a profit. Hence Afterlife Inc. “A Company You Can Believe In.”

Jack’s rise to power, and the subsequent challenges facing his company, is a story for the future. With Dying to Tell, however, I wanted to present snapshots of Jack’s new afterlife as seen through the eyes of the deceased souls arriving on its doorstep. Be it sentient computer programs, stars of the silver screen, world leaders or fictional detectives, if they lived, they can die, and that places them firmly in Afterlife Inc.’s domain.

Coming soon!

Never one to rest on his laurels, Jon has just launched a Kickstarter for volume three which eschew the webcomic format in favour of something... bigger.  A 96 page original graphic novel to be precise! In Jon;s own words it will feature "faces both familiar and new, intrigue, action, citywide devastation and (of course) stupid, sexy vampires."

So please, take the time to check out the Kickstarter page and pledge what you can. We still have the first volume of Afterlife Inc. on sale in store too. And you can read more at the website.

Ben Fardon is putting his money where his mouth is. Oh, and doing Movember this year. More on that soon...

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