Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Big Game Hunting - a plethora of Portal products!

There are some amazing Portal products coming out in April/May and the cream of the crop is coming to Proud Lion!

There's the Portal Turret LED Flashlight With Sound. Bring a bit of Aperture Science home with this turret flashlight! This release features: a bright red LED light will help you find all life's lemons, a gift box looks just like the one in the Aperture Investment Opportunity #3 video and real turret sound effects from the Portal & Portal 2 games - including the following quotes: "Are you still there", "Preparing to dispense product", "I don't hate you", "Target acquired" and "Goodbye." £25.

The Portal 2 Wheatley LED Flashlight doesn't have any sound effects, but it looks awesome! £22.50

Of course, what's one crazy AI without the other? The Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit puts a potato-powered GLaDOS in your hands! When assembled, PotatOS's light will illuminate & talk - 17 audio clips from Portal 2 included. All you need to do is supply the potato! £28.

These amazing Portal Bookends are made of shiny & durable aluminum, non-slip rubber padding on bottom. Awesome, aren't they? £30

Finally, two products for the gamer who loves to bake! On the left we have Portal Cookie Cutters - a set of eight shapes: Portal, Turret, Running Test Subject, Falling Test Subject, Companion Cube x4. They come packaged in an awesome Companion Cube tin. £22.50

On the right there's a Portal Companion Cube Cookie Jar to keep them in! It measures 7" cubed. Sweet! £30

So if any of these take your fancy, drop me a line via email, on Facebook/Twitter, give me a call or drop into the store. I'm aware this was bordering on homeshopping channel nonsense - but I'm really excited about these products! I love the Portal games!

Ben Fardon is waiting for confirmation of the NECA Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. WOOHOO!

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