Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Flashpoint badges raffle with Flashpoint #5

Flashpoint #5 came out today and its release marks the beginning of the Flashpoint badge raffle!

DC created a series of badges for each of the Flashpoint tie-in issues which were available to retailers who ordered obscene amounts of these side story comics. Suffice to say - other than for Batman Knight Of Vengeance - Proud Lion did not! But DC did send each retailer a free display board containing one of each of the 16 badges. I've had numerous inquiries for the board, but the fairest way to do it is to do a raffle!

All issues of Flashpoint #5 will come with a free raffle ticket.

Beyond that, you may purchase additional copies of Flashpoint #5 for a lower price than the first (just £2.00!) and receive extra raffle tickets to increase your chances of winning!

This landmark issue includes a double page spread that shows the formation of the new DC Universe - marks the end of the old continuity and the final few pages are the first moments set in the new timeline. Some people are already talking about framing those two pages. It's a memorable issue for both all DC fans, but especially Flash and Batman fans.

The prize draw will be done on November 1st or when we sell out of Flashpoint #5.

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