Sunday, 31 July 2011

Guess who?

Three and a half years ago now I opened the store and introduced a group of four characters - a superhero team of our very own. The characters were named by customers and I promised an ongoing series of adventures one day.

Then - due to the manic nature of running a business - nothing happened. But they are still there, lurking in the shadows.

I'm happy to announce that that day is nearly upon us. I've found a local artist who will be collaborating with me to bring you a monthly slice of superheroics. With a silly twist!

So here's Ian Blakeman's initial take on the Proud Lion team, originally drawn by Josh Howard (Dead @ 17, Lost Books Of Eve). Ian and I will be bringing you a monthly new Proud Lion webcomic on the final Sunday of the month.

And finally, who is this on the right? A new character perhaps? Another hero? A villain? A sulky teenager? Stay tuned to find out more!

Mirage, Garrison, Inferno and Frank Mono are limbering up and raring to go. Join us at the end of August for our first comic strip.

Ben Fardon and Ian Blakeman are corresponding using the language of the Hive from Dark Skies. It's one way to keep things classified.

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