Saturday, 26 March 2011

Proud Lion is three years old!

This Saturday marks three years since I opened Proud Lion to the public.

Now I tend to celebrate the anniversary of the Grand Opening on Free Comic Book Day, rather than the first day of trading, but I still want to stop for a second and mark the occasion.

I'd also like to thank a bunch of people who have helped in some significant way. So here we go (in no particular order):

Mum (RIP - never to be forgotten) and Dad, Gemma Nicholson, Nicky Fitzgerald, Vince Mancari at Swin City, Jon Harrison at Forbidden Planet, Ian McMillan at Diamond, Nick Catlin at Esdevium, Richard and Louise Huskinson (and little Rae and crazy Max), Darren Whiting, Matt Brown, Krysia Browne, Sara Wingham, Kate Townshend, Chris and Jo Surma, Anthony Gifford, Richard Hart, Josh Howard, Paul Cornell, Charlie AntiGirl and Lee Chaos at Judder, David Viola and D Kai Wilson-Viola, Andrew Smith, Alexa Collicott, Chris and Kayla Boyle, Stefan and Hannah Harkins, Si, Mike and Paul and Into The Gamescape, Martin Smith, Phil Doyle, Phil Davies, Matt Puddy, Bex and El at Stuffed Nonsense and finally - you - reading this right now. Thank you True Believers.

Here's to many more years.


  1. Congrats! Keep up the good work dude!


  2. Congrats! I'll probably be there, FCBD falls on my birthday this year! Are you planning anything special for the event?

    Oh! And would you be averse to a small gift to mark the occasion, like a drawing or some homemade cake?


  3. Thanks guys. Todd, that's very kind - all gifts are always gratefully received but by no means necessary.

    FCBD will be a big and fun event as always. Last year I did have a party afterwards to celebrate two years of trading - but that was mainly because different circumstances prevented me from celebrating the end of the first year!

    This year will be a more low key affair, probably some drinks somewhere shiny like the Swan. I'll keep people posted via Facebook.

    Thanks again!