Friday, 18 February 2011

Proud Lion will now charge for carrier bags

Hi everyone. With effect from today, Proud Lion will now be charging for plastic carrier bags.

This has been a long time coming. The rising cost of oil has lead to plastic carrier bags being more expensive, which in turn has meant I finally need to introduce this charge. Many of you remember to bring environmentally friendly bags or reuse carrier bags from previous trips, so I trust this will not be a massive problem for most of you.

The cost will be 10 pence per bag.

Currently a plastic carrier bag (averaged between the standard bags and the larger ones we have for board games and large toys) costs Proud Lion £0.076 including VAT.

The 10p charge covers this, with a little extra. From now, at the end of each financial quarter, I will calculate the extra money made from this charge and make a donation to a worthwhile charity.

It is my strong intention that Proud Lion will not profit from this move. I simply wish to cover our costs and encourage you all to consider the impact of plastic carrier bags upon our environment.

It is true that we also offer free plastic comic bags with every comic you buy from us. For now, this will remain free of charge. As a comic book collector myself, I strongly believe that it is important that my customers receive a near-mint copy whenever possible. This is a separate issue and I will treat it as such.

Many thanks for all your continued support.


  1. Are you not going to sell a Comic Bag for life, LOL.

  2. Actually we could offer the following if there was demand from customers...

    Free Comic Book Day Canvas Eco Bag

    Free Comic Book Day Polypropylene Eco Bag