Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Raffle!

Those of you who follow Proud Lion's Facebook page, you may have seen my recent attempt to sell my silver Iron Man helmet on eBay for charity. 50% of the proceeds would have gone to Winston's Wish. Sadly, it didn't sell - perhaps due to the high starting price. Frankly though, we need to raise a certain amount to cover costs. After all, the helmet has an RRP $349 (plus sales tax) or £300 including VAT.

So rather than relist it on eBay, I have decided to raffle the helmet instead!

Tickets go on sale today. They are £1.00 each. 50 pence of the proceeds will go to Winston's Wish. And with every ticket purchased you get a free comic of your choice from the 50p box! You can of course increase your chances of winning by buying multiple tickets!

The aim is to sell 150 tickets or more. If we manage this by Saturday 8th January 2011, then I will do the draw at the close of business for the following superb prizes.

the silver Iron Man helmet

set of four Blackest Night figures
(Nekron, Black Lantern Batman, Black Lantern Deadman and Black Lantern Hawkman)

two Blackest Night figures
(Nekron and Black Lantern Batman)

a comic book pack from the box

If we don't sell 150 or more by this point, I'll either extend the deadline (if we're nearly at our target) or do a single draw for the prize fund collected thus far (ie - if we sell only 75 tickets, that's a prize fund of 75 x 50p = £37.50).

Tickets are on sale today. You can enter multiple times and each £1 ticket includes a donation to Winston's Wish and a 50p comic. Not too shabby.

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