Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Proud Lion Recommends Wonder Woman #600 and Superman #700

Last week saw the release of the landmark 700th issue of Superman. It's a bumper-sized anniversary issue containing three stories - one by outgoing writer James Robinson which serves as a nice bridge between his work on the War Of The Supermen miniseries and the new era that is about to be ushered in. It also worked well in it's own right, a story of Lois and Superman reunited after the past year's developments.

Next up Dan Jurgens, the writer of the classic Death Of Superman story, penning a story set 'back in the day' featuring a team-up of sorts between Dick Grayson when he was Robin and Superman. A fun and whimsical tale that emboldens the gravitas of the final story, a prelude to incoming writer J. Michael Straczynski's new story 'Grounded'.

JMS can be a writer who forgets that imagery in comics is as important as words, but here the balance is perfect and the hook - whilst not original in today's more introspective era of super heroics - is certainly one that has me eagerly awaiting issue #701.

This week we get the bumper sized issue #600 for Wonder Woman. Again, an anthology of stories form various creators. As of #601, JMS takes over on Wonder Woman as well and he hopes to reinvigorate the title that has been suffering from poor sales for many years.

Part of that plan includes a new costume designed by superstar artist and DC co-publisher Jim Lee. There's a sneak peak below. For more information, Comic Book Resources have a great interview with JMS here.

Wonder Woman #600 is out tomorrow.

Ben Fardon feels his tiara wearing days are behind him now.

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